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Why do nail techs drill under nails? | If you’ve ever been to a nail salon, then you know that the techs do more than just clip and file your nails. They may also use a drill – and yes, they drill under your nails! But why?

Well, it turns out that using a drill can help smooth down ridges in nails or even out any uneven surfaces. That way, your manicure looks perfect when you leave the shop! So while it might seem odd at first glance, there’s actually some practicality behind drilling under your nails. Just remember not to flinch! After all, making sure your nails look great is worth a few seconds of discomfort. Plus, you can always ask the techs to take it easy if it’s too much. But trust us, they know what they’re doing! So sit back, relax and enjoy those freshly-done nails.

Is drilling under nails necessary for a manicure or pedicure?

Drilling under your nails is not necessary for a manicure or pedicure, but it can help make the results look smoother and more polished. It can also help to even out any ridges in the nail bed, so that the polish looks more professional when you leave the salon. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want this step included in your service – just let your technician know what you prefer! But if you do decide to go for it, rest assured that they will use a gentle hand and take care of your nails with precision and skill. After all, they want you to be happy with your finished product! So relax and enjoy a perfect mani-pedi every time.

Techs drill under nails

What type of drill speed is most appropriate for drilling under nails? 

A low speed setting of around 3,000 to 4,000 RPM is usually best for drilling under nails. A higher speed setting may be used if the technician needs to drill through thicker or tougher nails. Always ask your nail technician what speed they are using if you are concerned. That way, you can rest assured that your manicure will look amazing when you leave the salon!

What type of drill should be used for drilling underneath nails?

A high-quality electric drill with a small diamond bit is the best option for drilling underneath nails. This type of drill will provide the most precise and gentle results when used by an experienced nail technician.

Here’s What you Need to Know Before Drilling Under Your Nails 

Drilling under nails can sometimes be uncomfortable, but with the right equipment and a skilled professional nail technician, you should be able to get through it with minimal discomf ort. Plus, you can always ask the techs to take it easy if it’s too much.

Is it possible for me to request a slower speed when drilling under my nails?

Yes! If you are uncomfortable with having a drill used on your nails, just let the tech know – they are happy to accommodate.

Conclusion | Why do nail techs drill under nails?

Nail technicians use drills with small diamond bits and low speed settings to gently drill underneath nails. It can be uncomfortable, but experienced professionals know how to make it as comfortable as possible. If you’re worried about the process, simply ask your nail technician to take it easy or go at a slower pace – they’re happy to accom  The key is to find an experienced nail technician equipped with the right equipment so that you can get the best results for your manicure! That way, you’ll be sure to leave the salon feeling fabulous!

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